Coke making : Recovery & Non-recovery type

   Iron making : Beneficiation, Pellet Plant, DR Plant, Blast Furnace, Sintering Plant , Hot metal pre-treatment plants etc

   Steel making : BOF, EAF, EOF , IF, AOD etc

   Secondary Metallurgy : LRF, IRUT, VD, VOD, VAD, RH etc

   Continuous Casting : Billet, Bloom, Beam-Blank, Slab, Thin Slab caster etc

   Rolling : Flat and Long products and tube mill

   Foundry : SG, CI, Steel

   Forging Technology 

   Ferro-alloys : FeMn, SiMn, FeSi, FeCr etc

   Material Handling system 

   General Engineering : Mine Infrastructure, Lime Plant, Refractory Plant, Metro Rail etc

   Power Plant : WHRB, AFBC etc